Is it July already?

6 Jul

I have no idea where this year went.  Perhaps planning and hosting 2 weddings in 19 months have taken up more of my time and brain than I realized.  But hey, we increased our family by 2 gorgeous hunks that make wonderful husbands for our 2 youngest daughters!  To top that off Paige and Adam (who got married in October 2012) are now expecting TWINS!!!

If that wasn’t hard enough to pull off without an emergency admit to the loony bin, our spring garden has pushed more buttons than I knew I had.  If you live in Texas you know we’ve had some pretty unusual weather for this part of the country.  Who would have ever thought we would have freezing temperatures in April for crying out loud, not to mention one brief cold snap in May!

Praise the Lord we survived and so did the plants.

The first Farmers Market of the season was pretty scary with hardly any vegetables available.  Talking with other farmers did make me feel somewhat better as we were all pretty much in the same boat.  Harvest ready vegetables were scarce all over, talk of having to “replant” after loosing an entire crop to frost damage made me thankful my husband learned many valuable lessons from his grandfather.

The Jacksonville Tomato Festival 2013 on June 8 made all the hard work worth it when we took First Place for our Heirloom Plate of Three Orange Heart Tomatoes, First Place for our Plate of Three with our Big Beef tomatoes, and First Place People Choice Award for our Plate of Three Big Beef tomatoes!  What a surprise that was, and it was our first year ever to enter!!!

So, the weddings are over, the honeymooners are back in Texas, and July is in full swing.  The tomatoes are still producing, the purple hull peas are in, shelled and bagged, there are a million eggplant out there growing daily, we’re starting to harvest the corn, peppers are everywhere and it’s time to harvest the dill seed.

The truck is in the shop AGAIN, so getting to the Farmers Markets is near impossible.  Our solution:  OPEN THE FARM!  We’ll set up a farm stand on Mondays and Fridays from 5-7 pm, and Saturdays from 9am-12 noon in the front of the house for all that want to come and get some fresh locally grown produce.

One Response to “Is it July already?”

  1. Susan Horst July 8, 2013 at 5:25 am #

    Love the update! Best of luck with rest of growing season! So proud of my little sister! Love, Susan

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